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Really feel the burn after this workout!! Recommend it to anyone!! My arms already feel bigger!
umm how is this suppose to train my shoulders??
I really like this workout. I can do it any time of the day b/c its so quick.
It's a real hard core work out I used to do it every day I'm back on it again Good luck people
I'm loving it...still no real definition.
It's an easy one, but I feel like it's doing something.
It's easy, but it does the work....I'm starting to see something happening in my arms!
Next week I'm upping my workout...after 2 weeks, My scale is not budging.
It's still hard...but by July I should look great???
Just click on the timer when you pick a workout that you want to do and wahla
Why do people need pics or vids to do 20 push-ups then 20 crunches? Pretty self explanatory lol....
You need to download the App, its free though. Just wished you can also view the workouts online.
Ahahahaha I agreed with Neil...where are the vídeo?"?
so where are the exercises? Where are the pics/diagrams? Do I just lay on the ground like the dude in the shorts?.........
I did this workout twice with my husband this morning. This workout right here is so hard, but it is so worth it. I love it and I would recommend it to someone else who wants to try it.
This sort of reminds me of Tabata.

What do you think?

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