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i would like more vocal indication, expecially for the transition from an exercise to another. thanks
@Kermit M If you think being sick is a lame excuse to not workout, you're lamer.
Do you think I could lose weight doing it every day with a healthy diet?
Great 
Is it ok to do this as a warmup? Or is it too much for warmup?
A great #noexcuses workout. When short on time, not feeling well, or any other lame excuse, I love feeling the boost from this quickie. Thanks #skimble
tres très facile
It's easy, but after repeating twice you'll feel like a fountain. recommended for a warmup, i guess.
There's a new advanced seven minute workout reported this week. Hope Skimble can add that soon
I like this very much and it is my top list, do it frequently.
Good, but not intense. Moderate would be the correct category.
Easy but efficient
This looks mean! Woud like to try it when i feel a lot more better than i do now. I am so unfit.
Totally a great workout for body strenght nice work frind
How many calories do you think this burns?
This workout is not easy. I do like it. I hope it is as effective as they say it is. Nice workout to do when one is running low on time and/or energy
waa,this workout is totally work..=D
do it twice and with healthy diet you will see results
try out, it works!!

What do you think?

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