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I must have abs in there somewhere cos i made it ī’
Just over 1 min. Iā€™m a wimp. LOL... Better next time!! ; )
2 minutes - too easy:) going for 3.5 - 4!
i did it wawoooo
and a bad exercise for someone over 50 and has a bad back I was able to get about a minute-and-a-half before I collapsed. I do plan to keep it up and hopefully get to 2 minutes and over
Very hard but I like it :)
Little rough haven't worked out in a while
I'm so out of shape but yet so slim
Taking into consideration that i have back problems " I have started doing the 7minutes workout for about a week now. I gotta admit I'm feeling the burn ! I had been doing Chalene Johnson workout and I didn't get the results I'm getting now !
To easy i could last double that time with no training
I had to drop my knees sometimes, but not bad considering my back is bad. Getting better though!
It's tough as I have bursitis on one elbow
I did it, but my mom failed;-)
Vy N do it with a 45lb plate on your back or whatever weight is challenging.
presque 1:30 minutes
It was hard but it finished :)

What do you think?

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