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not rest time add within two workout.
Go to ab workout !!
Definitely works
This is perfect
does this work is it hard, Brain surgery patient safe?
Fun and short workout
Does this workout really work?
This is perfect!
Really like it!!! Great workout!!!
Sarah R, it means that you should switch your position and prepare for the next exercise.
This definitely gets me sweating and pumped....yeah day 2! Bringing in the new year with a new me!
What does transition mean? I'm looking at the lady doing a break dance move with pure intimidation.
How many reps for each? Or just do n hold?
Great AB workout!
I love this work out
Love this workout. Have definitely noticed an improvement in my whole core area
It's fast pace, no time to get bored. Like it a lot.
Looks like an intense workout!

What do you think?

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