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The workout is great!
84 calories per garmin.
i. new and want to lose waight whats the best to syart of with please
I'm a newbie and I feel like I'm going to get skinnier and healthier in no time! And let's face it, I'm fat!
this app is the best app ever i feel great
Had a great workout
thank you for the post.
I've been doing most of these exercises but at one minute each along with 35 minutes of cardio and I'm still not losing any fat...
How many calories are burned during this workout? I love the app but It would be great to now about how many calories are burned!
Really Great! it got a little intense at the end. i lost 5 pounds!!
Great workout. should be rated moderate if it was up to me. The planking sections are pretty hard
Some were hard but I learn them and I totally recommend it.
Best out thr... Strongly recommended
Cannot do planks. Is there a modification?
Loved this workout! Will make it a regular, my calories burnt aren't showing up though, can someone help?
Had a really good workout!

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