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Plyometrics ++
Moderate    Calendar_32x32 4 Weeks    Weights_black_32x32 14 Workouts    Ic_time_32x32 17 min/workout

Simply said, plyometrics are exercises that include some type of jumping element. Plyometrics are often quick, explosive, fast movement that use lots of energy. The benefit to plyometric training is that it can boost your muscle power and strength, improve your balance and make you more agile. These are all abilities sought after by many top athletes in all sports! Plyometrics ++ combines plyometric exercises, like box jumps, jumping lunges, and single leg hops, with traditional strengthening exercises. Some workouts are lighter on the plyometric type exercises to give your muscles time to recover. You will need access to dumbbells a box or step and a medicine ball for this program. If you have a stability ball too that is great, but if not, you can do it without.