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What's a trip?

A trip can be any time you are active, from a simple workout at the gym, a weekend trip with your friends, to an epic adventure on the other side of the world.

Recent Surfing trips

UK - London Jun 7 - 8 2014
with Jess R.
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with Mary R.
Lots of crosstraining, Swim every day, start two-a-days this weekend. Healthy Eating No Cheating ^o^ :-*
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Riviera May 25 2013
with Nico A.
0 Ticked 1 Group
Pinamar Beach Feb 16 - 24 2013
with Claudia S.
0 Ticked 1 Group
Lisboa Dec 11 2012
with Pedro M.
37 Ticked 1 Group
Perinet, madagascar Dec 23 2012 - Jan 6 2013
with Conrad E.
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