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The Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskara A) is a graceful sequence of 12 postures completed in a continuous flowing motion. It is normally done on a yoga mat.

Workout Discussion

02 Jun
Just a suggestion ...you should take help from some traditional yoga guru who can tell you the original authentic Surya Namaskaar ...and please stop giving ridiculouslyfunny names to yoga asanas !!! Otherwise you guys doing a great job.... :)))
26 Sep
The Audio prompts work well for other exercises, but not for yoga, where you need flow of movement.
02 Jul
Unforunately, the moves aren't fast enough on this to be able to maintain a single breath for each move which I think is the goal. I've attempted to create my own version but they don't have the audio cues - not sure what I'm doing wrong!
04 May