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The first two weeks have prepared you for these next two. These workouts are a little more challenging and there's a little less rest. Soreness is ok, but pain is not. Don't be afraid to really push yourself but know your limits. Record your heart rate during the rests, and put your numbers into the comments section at the end of the workout.

Workout Discussion

02 Apr
06 Aug
136/69 138/73 136/72
28 Oct
Mine was the same as yesterday's any reason

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  • Fresh Chops & Hops
    Fresh Chops & Hops
    20 minutes, Casual
  • Tight & Toned Bottom
    Tight & Toned Bottom
    20 minutes, Moderate
  • Ab-Bootcamp
    16 minutes, Moderate
  • Body Pilates
    Body Pilates
    20 minutes, Casual
  • Crawl, Walk, Run
    Crawl, Walk, Run
    20 minutes, Casual
  • Exercises for Starters
    Exercises for Starters
    16 minutes, Casual