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Awesome workout, ill do everyday😍
For people who are wondering how much calories does it burns 200 it’s AMAZING ..I’m drawing in my sweat.
1 day at a time 
how many calories does this workout burn?
Hey is this super hard just had a early birthday party
how many calories do you burn with this excercise?
How many calories does this workout burn?
How many times a week i should do it?
If anyone knows, how long would it take to lose 30-40 pounds with this workout? Like one or two times a day
Good lord, I almost died doing this workout but man, the feeling was just amazing.
The best workout here
Lost 20 pounds with this work out
Cans someone tell me how many calories on this exercise for a male 175lbs? Thx.
one of my favorite workouts !
Will try this workout in the morning.
So effective. Brilliant 20 minute workout!!
Wow amazing ! A must do dripping in sweat right now !!
What is the estimated caloric expenditure for 150 lb female for this awesome work-out?
Just did this workout and I am dripping in sweat. It's great though and I feel like I'm already getting results.
I just did this workout and I'm dripping with sweat. It's very effective for a 20 minute workout. I'll definitely do it again!
Soooo hard, but soooo worth it.
Best fat burner workout I've done! Quick but affective!

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