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I can do 4-5mins elbow plank 😉
You should specify if it full arm planks or elbow planks
what are the benefits of this work out?
maybe i shouldn't do this now, but i do it twice in a workout
yea just watch your elbows & shoulders..
i always finish my workout with this
It is straight I just have to do it more often, so that I can become stronger. Basically build up more muscle, and upper body strength.
Good planks workouts!
Wow this is awesome
So easy it hurt my shoulders but I still went omg it feels good
Tough. Must get better at it.
Not that much hard
Like Sara S said, this workout is easier than elbow plank. Also, this workout becomes harder to complete if you try for 5 minutes.
Is it okay to take a mini break after one minute is gone, or is that a no-no?
I find the full plank to be much easier than an elbow plank. As for "stepping up a notch," not quite so. If you find elbow planks difficult, the full plank might be a walk in the park.
I seem to be able to do a full plank better than I can do an elbow plank.
Piece of cake.....go for 3 or more minutes for a real challenge

What do you think?

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