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Quastion, when I do the downward dog and other poses. I make and I keep it for whole duration or I re-do the posture like on the samole video? Yoga is totally new for me and think I like it!
Didn’t transition well into the other positions I felt
i tried to delete, sent to your email acct. it came back as "un-deliverable"
there is to much downward dog, please add a difference exercise :-)
Can not get this to open as audio. This is my first time trying this app. What is wrong?
Good for starters, like me. Simple and sweet.
This felt so good. Very relaxing.
I liked it. My legs were shaking during the "reverse crescent" thing.
What the hell? The audio isn't synced up with the video anymore and doesn't move on to the next move! This isn't very zen when it's fucking frustrating! YouTube here I come!
This couldn't burn up 52 calories, right?
My back is out of few exercises were impossible todo....but I like it.
Good simple workout that gets me ready for my morning or bed

What do you think?

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