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i had a c section 6 months ago,would this be a good workout for me???
good workout. Would be nice to have some loosen up exercises to get started, and some short transitions between some of the exercises to get into position.
This is far from being exercises for starters...
Hi, I just find this app, and on mobile, I can view videos with trainer doing workouts. Why it isnt working on PC?
Was a good workout and I did work up a sweat. I skipped a few of the exercises as they were a bit too much. Some exercises I only could do half way. A timer would be benificial to the program as I found it hard to count and breath at the same
I love the work out. Hello
I love the work out
I like it, but it would be nice to have a timer on each exercise.
I agree. This is not a beginner excersize.
Great little workout you can intensify til you find your core. Don't worry . it took me 25 times to keep balance and perfect the moves. At 62 and 52 workouts it shows and my back doesn't hurt. I add a 1 to 3 Mike quick walk at the end. thanks! skimble app
I am just recovering from complete inactivity due to knee and back issues. I need something more gentle and comensurate with my age and health issues. Most of these exercises are designed for young healthy adults,not old sickly cripples like myself. I was unable to complete the first exercise in the beginner category.
@TerriS. I had the same problem. But i just told myself over and over again that I didn't actually have to finish the entire workout. And i didn't, the first few times I tried it. I got through up to half the modified burpees. Then the next time I tried, I got through to the elbow to knee twists. Today I got through the entire workout and darned if I'm not proud of myself. Although it was tiring, I pushed myself to go a little bit further, reminding myself that I didn't have to do the entire workout. And when the workout was over, I was surprised. I was sweating like a horse, but I did it. Then I did some cooldown stretches and drank water. It also helps to take a few gulps during the transitions just to rehydrate. I'm way overweight for a woman my height (5'4" and probably somewhere around 260 lbs.), so if someone as lazy and food-loving as I am can push herself to eventually get there, anyone can. It's just a matter of determination and how far you're willing to go. Keep trying. You'll get there. :) My advice is the same to everyone else having a problem with this workout: go as far as you can, then stop. Then when you're ready, go farther, and eventually you'll reach the finish line.
Is there a. Method for determining the. Amount of calories being burnt?
I am really a beginner at working out and this workout was not possible at all. This is discouraging to label it a "Starter" workout. I agree with Courtney H.. Even if you modify that plank, it is impossible for anyone starting out.
Good choice for people getting back into exercise after a long time away
It burns 113 calories:)
I love this workout!
It def got me sweating as a beginner/starter
I don't see how this can be labeled "for starters"? Anyone starting to workout would most likely not be able to do a side plank, kneeling or not! I think this is a great workout, just not for a beginner.
How many calories does this workout burn?

What do you think?

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