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its so hard to dooo
Great training
I feel exhausted
Very good training
I made it 20 minutes ago and its so haaaaard
This trening is soooooo exhausting
its so hard, but after training i feel very good
I like workout but hate working my abs. It's make me so tired.
How are you supposed to do Glutes 100 in just 20 seconds? I have to pause it, because each rep is at least 5 seconds. That's 20 reps, which should be almost 2 minutes to complete. Am I doing it wrong?
Too much for me. I hve problem with my weight so I cannot do so many experiecne but i am trying.
I just finish this workout. I am so tired and so happy. Good workout program.
I like workout but hate working my abs. It's make me so tired.
I love this type of workout. This feeliing when your abs are burning so hard.
This kind of experience, is to hard for me. I am person with overweight, and I can't do this.
I tried it and I have to say that it really works! I love this feeling when my abs is burning!
I bought this machine and I have to say that it's so amazing. I feel like my all body is weary and I love this feeling.
This machine is so amazing. I think it could makes me feel and look fit and healthy!
Pilates is indeed a powerful tool for every woman wishing to achieve a beautiful and fit body.

What do you think?

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