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I wouldn't dare Heidi. I thought blonds and fun were a scientific proven consequence of each other :-)
did i sense a blonde joke! lol! careful, killah!!!!
All studies say, full protein (like whey) is better than BCAA, even when training in fasted state.
Yeah DJ it's pretty interesting topic. Specially leucine. Since it also plays a big role in mtor signal. Which is connected with building muscle. But then you get alot more on the theoretical side of it. Which doesn't always give practical methods towards real life scenarios.
Last I heard blondes do have more fun. So you are winning in that department atleast 😅
Haha Heiko hope the one isn't a gateway drink towards the next! Otherwise they will get alot of new bodybuilding members.
interesting indeed, I've read that article. it does however help when training in fasted state. i also prefer hmb over bcaa but everything has its uses and drawbacks
You know Rappa... Blondes 😄
😄😄 Heiko, great! 😄😄
lol BCAA stands for Better Call Anonymous Alcoholics and not for a worthy sup☺😉
Haha don't sell yourself short. We can't know everything. This doesn't make us dumb. Just human :-)
It is long, but explains things for dumbs like me 😄 Thanks a lot Rappa for the explanation! Very helpful!!!
Damn that answer is way to long haha
Yeah marketing for sure works. And also the bodybuilding mindset. Of focusing on very small details and acting like those make the difference. While the diffetrnce is usually drug usage. The idea behind BCAA is that it contains the amino's which the body doesnt produce. The thought behind it was, since the body can't produce these, it's the most effective amino's to supplement. The research shows that this idea isn't really valid. BCAA's main amino is leucine. Which is the signaling amino for the body to start protein synthesis. Which basicly is the proces or recruiting proteins towards the building of muscle. The problem is, leucine is only the starting amino. The body needs the full array of amino's to complete this proces. And you don't need that much leucine to kickstart this. Every good protein source (full amino acid profile) contains enough leucine, plus all the others. Most basic example being whey. It's also a supplement. Way cheaper and effective. There are for sure scenarios where bcaa/leucine supplementing is helpful. Mainly for people who don't eat any animal proteins. Since leucine is almost only found in enough grams in animal protein sources. BCAA don't do any harm and if you like it as a drink. Go ahead and take it. But as a supplement geared towards building muscle and or strenght. You are wat better of with whey or any other animal protein source.
I think people in general want results fast and if companies can make money out of it, then you have a win-win situation, or at least that is what they think. I do not know much about BCAA and other things, but I guess marketing works?

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