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to each its own, we do miss you on here. yes southern Indian Ocean..amazing islands,its work though. as always
Yeah would love to use skimble more but it's just not that suitable for me haha. I believe so that's in really great there. Iv never been there myself. Sure need to visit there once!
well too bad we can't follow your progress on here. Your smartassiness is being missed hahahahha🤣🤣🤣 I am fine,boppin around in Southern Indian Ocean and man,it's so flippin beautiful here...anyhow.no, not Mars yet hahaha
Hi Heidi. Iv been doing just fine! Training wise iv cut another 1.5 KG this month. And I think I even became a bit stronger by good programming! So that's cool. And personal life, bit busy but nothing I can't handle so far. How bout you? Have you traveled to Mars yet?
how have you been killah???
Haha thanks and I will try. Can't make too much promises of course!
Well done Rappa! And please be careful and take care 👊

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