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Lol. Yes, Iphigenia I had a BLAST
Living the high life!!!!
Hah lol that's good you lived it up and enjoyed it. ..always helps having some vacation and downtime:-)
Lol, Mario you're right on with that brother.
Lol... The house always wins, bro. Them and promoters. Glad you enjoyed it, bro! 'Cause for us watching the ppv, it felt like we got robbed a 100 bucks.
Gavin thanks bro, didn't get a chance to check out Belagio, I fell into a pool of liquor. Hahaha. Next time I come I will definitely check it out.
Thanks Shekina :-) Vegas is your stomping grounds, wish I knew, you could've have been my tour guide. TMT, TBE
Thanks Heidi :-) maybe there will be a rematch. Floyd said if the Manny camp put up all the money, he'll fight him again.
Vis, thanks bro, had a really great time.
Thanks Lisa :-)
Mario, greatest time ever bro. Even though I gave everything back I won. Lol
I see you're headed to my stomping grounds !!! Hope you have a blast in VEGAS!!! Soooo happy about the Money Team Winning Again!! 48-0 oh yeah!!!!!!
Oooooooo seeing this just now!!! You should ve told me lol! Hope you enjoyed the fights!!! I ve been a Pacman fan forever so I m bummmmmmed. Congrats, your man won , Darrell !
Enjoy the fights brother man!!! :-)
Nice bro enjoy the fight! Lol great comment too. Check out the gym at the Belagio if you have time and want to get in a workout, it's pretty good.
Be safe an enjoy
Living vicariously through you, bro. Enjoy the fights!
Wow:) Wishing you plenty of fun my friend! For sure it will be exciting
Floyd Mayweather, I booked mine 1 month before the fight was scheduled. Got a great deal
The big boxing fight? Do you have tickets? Which one is your favourite?
Thanks bro. Here for the fight

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