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Comments - Burpee much?

Thanks a lot Becca babe!! You rock! They sure do sweet Erin and I know you still have a thing for them :p haha (burpees)
Burpees do a body good! :) (I still hate them!)
You look GREAT Roy I can see ur abs poppin....don't break now...KEEP KILLIN IT BABY!!!:-):-)
Lol Citra! We all missed her
Hey Citraaaa!! I'm back....Missed ya too hun XO
i see angelina is here, back off roy, ange how are you???? my kik is dead...i missed u so
mamma mia! anybody leave u will be so unlucky :P show up show up
Thanks Layla! Looking good yourself too. Thx so much hun appreciate it doll
Hahaha thx Angelina hermosa linda
Mmmm dang baby, you lookin good!!! :-) great job hunny!!
Sooo Roylicious hehe! Looking good there ;)
Like this pic! Looking good, Roy!
Thank you very much Rudy and Mandi!
Thanks V bro! Thinking of taking a bit of a break tho.. I'll be back in full soon
I did Monda, I gained strength and burned a lot. Full body killer
Wow great work - Roy!
Looking good Roy!!!
Keep up the great work bro!!! :-)
How u seen the difference from burpees I did roy

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