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Comments - First week attempts of the Desert Fox headstand variations. Will keep trying. 

Looks like you're coming along nicely, Hadi. :-)
Wooow!!! Awesome!!!
Cute butt btw... :-)
Ohhh what a star Hadi... Looks perfect great balance girl... Big big smile xx
Thank you dear N.S.  still a long way to go but any improvement...big or small is a move in the right direction. 
Oooh Hadi. So impressive! Looking so poised and strong.
Thank you dear Roy and Katy! Work in progress...
Impressive Hadi! Great job!!
Amazing work my dear!
Thank you for the  guys. You're all so lovely.  @Sara...happy to seen you beautiful. I thought you were busy because of work/commute. Sorry to hear about your mobile issues and hope all is ok now. Sending you a huge hug back! @Heidi...thanks to you. I really enjoy the challenge and being careful with my wrists...and head! 
wooooowwww!!! love this collage, looks like you've made fantastic progress, Miss Nutella!!!!!! coooool!!!!!!!
this is so fabolous ...so happy for you hadi.love you.hugged you tight.keep it up.
hi hadi.i broke my phone because i donot remember my password.tried to retrieve password but skimble is not mailing me on my account
That's amazing Hadi wow ️
 Constant work on body and mind, you're an inspiration dear Hadi 
Amazing! You are full of wonders!
Fantastic forms babe looking great 
Thank you so much for your support you beautiful spirits.  This is a fun challenge that is certainly teaching me to be more patient. I find myself doing headstands more often than not these days. Alfonso will start getting jealous...lol 
What what!?! Amazing! You look like a yoga model
Fantastic effort and form Hadi.. great stuff 
Omg amazing! You make it look easy. You're only resting on the top of your head :O
You go Hadi! That's awesome 
Looks fine from over here...keep it up (or in this case down?) Hadi!
Woooow great job!! 

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