Roy Sandoval
From United States
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Comments - not fitness related but long day doing errands. Just chilling in the new crib

u look very exausted
what up with you
missed you guapoo
Thx Foxxy! I'm doing well. Hope you are too Heidi!
are feel tried
Looking good. How heck are ya!!!!!!
yesterday of Sunday
out all yesterday
long time no see indeed Abbi. how have you been?
hellooo Rudy haha. hey Anita and Mandi
I'm doing ok too Layla ty for asking
long time no see! 
Doing ok, Roy. Can't complain. How are you?
hi there nice to show your face 
My mom is doing well Layla thx for asking. How are you doing?
yeah finally haha
did you finally get in your house??!
How is your mom doing?

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