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Comments - Nothing like a shopping spree to make them quads pop! Been hitting them hard lately! Oh and why does under Armour clothes look cool but are when you try it on its either a bungalow tent or it's trying to strangle you. Weirdest brand ever.....

look at those quads.. impressive
That's why I wear Small or extra small, lol! I'm usually medium in Euro sizes
Thanks Lisa. Trying my best with em 
Hot dam that’s some nice quads you built there 
And UA is not made for me. I don't like the super tight stuff and their 'normal' stuff are weird ass American sizes. Which are always way too big for me. Until they all of a sudden are too small again....
Haha you know it was not a question of it being real but how can it be real. I just still get amazed at what crazy angles people can bend their body in. Even you keep telling me they are 'easy' hehe
Btw I posted more pics JUST FOR YOU, to show you that that pic I posted is real, how can you even think it's not lol, after all these years, my feelings are hurt lolklolol
Heyyy Quadzillah!!! I love UA...i wear Small so it's super tight without cutting off circulation lol, as the material is so expandable. This has been my brand for more than 10 years(and few others) . and I find it fits well... Back then all the fighters would wear it nobody would really know the brand.
It's really weird Kristie. Sport brands suck with their weird seizes. Ended up buying some cheap ass Lonsdale shorts. Cuz it were the only shorts I could find with zippers in the pockets. Which is a must have!
hahaaaa lol too funny!
I had 2 shirts. One size M and a L. The L was 3 sizes too big and with the medium I seriously looked if I didnt grab a children size haha
looking good there mate. i know what you mean wjth UA too. i bot a cool hoodie a bit back. looked great, right size ordered, arrived and: hell too big.
True, they're a feet killer!
That would a good challenge. It always looks so difficult with all those girls struggling to walk haha
lol right! Im sure you're not keen to try high heels either! lol
Haha well B then I'm glad I rarely try on any dresses! I wouldn't have the patience for it.
lol Rappa same thing happens with fancy dresses! Your quads are just aaaamaaaaazing!!!

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