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Comments - OK upload for Heidi. To show her how these dutch farmer boys own these stretches hahaha. And maybe she can stop telling me those awesome yoga moves she does are easy cuz they ain't. And before you ask, this is all obvious photoshop with a hired actor, I'm actually way more flexible..........

Heyyy! I'm ok, thanks. Some oain here and there but good. Lol Hope you won't be starving! Take care of yourself!
Hi B! I'm doing all right! How bout you? I have started my summer cut, so not as much food as I would like but I'll manage haha. Hope all is well.
Heyyy Rappa! How are youuuu??
Happy New Year Killah!!! 
You too B. Have a good evening :-)
Happy new year Rappa my Dutch friend! ☄
Happy holidays to you aswell Heidi. I'm still checking Skimble every now and then. Hope you had just as good of a time as I have had haha
Rappaaaaaaaa! Where are you!? Happy Holidays!!
Haha thanks all for the encouraging words and all.
Woohoo not bad at all Rappa and respect for being daring!  I can see almost a split there!
Yeaaahh perfect Rappa, incredible, fantastic, tremendous
Haha thanks. I know it doesn't totally sucks, but I Stretch enough to know that improving from here will be hard work. And u guess that's what it's gonna take hehe
And Peter, that's a great idea!!! Lol!!!!
Dude, that foot is pretty darn close to going behind your head!!!
Whoa!!!! Wait a minute that's not bad at all!!!!!! Good sport and well done and hilarious altogether Hahhahahaha!!!!! You GO man!!!!!
Haha I would advice against it. The stretch rooms. The place where ego's shatter since as long as human kind can remember.
lol!! might have to put together a collage showing my inflexibilty too!!

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