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hi can you be my trainer :-)
PS You can also message me privately here on the app.
Hi Ginger, sure. Sorry for the late response. The tools you'll need will be a yoga mat, yoga block and strap. This is the way we'll work: 1. We'll have a short discussion about your needs, goals and current limitations. 2. We'll agree on a reasonable schedule that we can both maintain, stay connected and progress further. 3. I'll design workouts for you here on the app. 4. You'll get me feedback on the workouts and I'll keep personalizing the future workouts for you. 5. We'll be in touch every week with the idea that you can reach out to me with questions. How does it sound?
Hi Silvie, thank you very much. I would love that spot. Can you tell me what we will be doing and how long it takes that way I can prepare myself and have the right tools.
Thank you Ginger. I have a spot for one more clients in my online training. Let me know if you are interested.
Wow! Your amazing and talented. I would love to learn and train with you.
Go to my trainer profile and click the 'Start 1:1 Online Training' button to get started go to your Trainer profile and click the 'Start 1:1 Online Training' button to get started with training immediately.
Good morning! I'm taking on 2 new coaching clients.

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