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Comments - Dortmund pic for Heidi 

So much missed opportunity. Sad haha
Yeah you'll have to wait for that, not till next year. I was just in Adam 2 months ago 😛
Haha no props Heidi. I took the tour cuz that is something I like to do! I had a great time seeming the stadium from within. But I'm glad you liked it. Now I will await you picture from the Amsterdam Arena. Volgende keer dat je in Amsterdam bent! But I'm glad you appreciate it.
Btw, Rappa, thank you so much for this pic! It really made my day! You ROCK!!!
Hahaha!!! Yes I was.. Onkel..once a Turnhalle is always Turnhalle hahaha!!!!! But o like the Temple analogy
Heidi, you are losing your german speak. Turnhalle is wrong, you wanted to say Tempel
I'm sure you were still there in spirit.
We missed each other only by few days haha!!!
Ooooooooh you did it!!!! No comparison to the Schalke Turnhalle Hahahhaha!!! Awesome!!!!!      
Oh yes I remember! And no pic can be better than the Veltins Arena
It's still here on Skimble. From last year when I went to schalke - Ajax game. It's from the outside. So this one is clearly better haha
lol...you know i have to say it: POST 
Haha! That's the spirit. But to be fair. I also have one up from me at the veltins!

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