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Comments - What's up skimble. I'm in Spain at the beaches of Malaga. My best friends are San Miguel and my crazy buddies. Hope you all are well Y'all

Welcome to Spain ;)
Too add. I had a great time. Went to the beach. Went abseiling. Traveled trough mountain rivers and paths. Went cycling for a long trip ( like we good Dutchies do haha). And I went dancing with the lovely Spanish ladies. So all and all I had a good time :-)
Thanks all. And yeah Malaga is a pretty nice town. And the girls are superb. But they don't speak English and I don't speak Spanish so, yeah haha
Haha! Awesome! Enjoy!! Greetings from Switzerland!  
Have a great time, Rappa!! 
on another note Rappa, we've got a Malaga in perth, WA too. its the industrial suburb right next to iur hime suburb. no where near as pretty looking as that but, or with as many beauties lying around. haha
pinky swear. yeah mate, I believe you
Haha Duncan. I was aiming for the Malaga letters, pinky swear! Haha
nice one mate. happy hanging with your buddies there. love how you got those chicks jn your selfie too. haha
Haha I hear so many good stories from him! I sure it will all work out well in the end ;)
Have a great time Rappa and send my best regards to San Miguel best wishes also from my buddy Ouzo
Oh and BTW I suck at these selfies in the sun and shit. Whoever gives me tips is a life safer haha

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