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Comments - What's up all. Hope you all reached that summer body we are working towards! Keep your eyes on the goals. They are not so far out of reach as you might think now.

I agree darling, but you should still inspire
Not much on Skimble Iphi. Still training though. Grinding till we make it :-). How bout you? All still good in Greece?
Where the f.... have you been?
But I did a push up programme for fun and it already messed up my rotator cuff. So still thinking those kind of training isn't for me haha
Still globetrotting I see. Skimble doesn't add much to my training at the moment. Maybe when I focus some more on bodyweight training I will use skimble some more :-)
same ole same ole A'dam now back in Germany then back to Italy France Switzerland Austria mountain hoppin the usual blablabla, whazzup with you why you're not logging workouts killah?🧐
I'm doing fine! Training and dieting been good lately. How is the country threating you this time arround?
hey killah how the heck have you been . I m in your "hood" lol
Yeah finally broke trough where I had trouble before. I want to reach 80kg now at the end of summer. Which is still more than 2 hard hard kilo away.
oh wow you definitely leaned up Killah!
🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Looking fit Rapa
Thanks Heiko and Dimitra!
you did a great job Rappa, congrats👍👏
Wow Rappa!! You look amazing! 👏👏👍

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