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Comments - yes, i haven't been exercising lately and eating a lot!! as a result, my weight went up from 47kilos to 50kilos. so i decided to accept my cousin's challenge to do the insanity wo program. i'm gonna post pictures of myself weekly to see the difference. weeee i need you guys to support me on this. you might want to join me. :)

You can do it!:-)
60 days insanty u can do it sis! Didn't we have a sister did insanty b4 n she was traning for tough mudder
That's y it's called insanty i have a elemantry classmate had other fitness dvds she has 4 one has finished she don't know which other 3 dvds she should do i know she has one is insanty but she haven't started yet
Thanks guys! @Duncan, i dont know yet. The program is already a 1-hr daily session for 60 days and the exercises are totally insane. Lol. I dont think I still have strength to do more than that. Hahaha
You've got this Cielo!!!!!
All the best Cielo, will you have the workouts on here to do too?
Wow. It's ok. Let's do this!!
I'm goin to join you, but I can't start til Sunday night.

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