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Motivation & Support / Am I overtraining?

Thanks for the replies everyone. I guess I needed some convincing to take a few days off :P Here's what chest day is like
1. 10 minutes of cycling
2. Smith bench press (neck) 4x12
3. Smith bench press (chest) 4x12
4. Smith bench press (incline) 4x12
5. Smith bench press (decline) 4x12
6. Butterfly 4x15
7. Plate loaded chest press (overhand grip) 4x14
8. Plate loaded chest press (neutral grip) 4x14
9. Pull over head machine 4x14
10. Bodyweight leg raise 4x20
11. Bodyweight Sit-up 4x20
12. Dummbbell side bend 4x35

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I Don't know what your goal is, muscular endurance, muscular strength, muscle size, power. So I can't comment if the number of sets per exercise is ok or not but I would reduce the number of different exercises per muscle group
To be honest, I would never devote I session to biceps or triceps, I don't find it efficient. They are small muscle groups and therefore don't require 1-2 hours spent solely on them. The same goes for the calf (but that muscle is a different story).
So should I cut down on the number of exercises I do for a part each day or the sets in each exercise? I didn't really try to figure out the max weight for 1 rep. Btw should I cut down to 5 or 4 days per week? Currently it's 6 days a week.
Getting scientific maybe your answer. Looking at tonnages, knowing what your 1rep max is etc
That would be too much for me, I would have to dramatically reduce my weights by the time I get to the decline to perform the sets and therefore unable to complete in the same percentage rep max as the others.3/4 sets are enough for gains on the chest for me, But this is for me
It's usually 10-12 exercises each day for 6 days a week.

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