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Weight Loss / Need help with all this..ugh

What app do you use to manage your calorie budget? 

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Also on my cheat days how many cals is ok to go over at most?
Yeah i have been using lose it! For three weeks now its just like mfp i log my foods and excercise everyday and i make sure i eat my 1200 then i workout and ill have like 3 to 400 cals left from working out but i dont eat them i leave them alone so my net cals is only like 7 to 900 cals. I eat whatever i want as long as i stay under 1200 cals a day i eat salads and veggies too thou and not too mush junk i stick to snacks that are from fit n active so they are lower in cals n fats. On my cheat days i eat things like pizza icecream things ive been wanting n i still workout.
I would try to watch fat sugars ect just because that does make losing weight much much easier, makes the workouts have a greater impact/success rating, & your body in general will be happier too. I also reccommend a cheat day, I think 6 days of healthy living deserves a cheat day :-) but I wouldn't go too far over your goal cal on those days, esp if you may not be working out on those days.
Your welcome. The point is to learn a new healthy lifestyle and you will see as you go on your taste preference will change because feel better by choosing better foods. You won't feel as tired and yucky. All the best :)
Ty! So i will try that and try eating cleaner and saving my not so healthy foods for my cheat day
If your goal is 1200, then just figure out how much calories you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The calories you consume should be come close to 1200 calories. For every meal you decide to eat, plug it in on the myfitnesspal and see how much calories they are.
You do wanna eat the cals you burn during your workouts so your bofy doesn't go into starvation mode and it just helps your body handle working out. I would try to watch what you eat, even on cheat days, but no need to dramatically change. Try eating an smaller portions of sweets maybe than you normally would, or something simple like that. Diets and healthy eating habits are much easier to stick too when you ease into them, throwing out everything you love overnight tends to not work do well. Hope I helped a little :-)
So as long as i eat my 1200 cals a day and workout i should be ok? I dont have to worry about the net cals being 1200 also? And is my cheat day ok? Should i only go so many cals over my 1200? Also can i eat whatever as long as i stay under my 1200 or should i be eating different and watching carbs fats and all that too? Im so confused :(
Ok. I feel like myfitnesspal is much simpler to use. I focus on the exercise points, calorie points and calories remaining. I don't focus on the net.
That and one called lose it!

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