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Teen Zone / TODAY'S MY BIRTHDAY (when is yours)!¡!¡!¡❤❤❤❤

Hey just wanted to let you all know. Happy BIRTHday to any other November birthdays!!!!!
- wish me a happy birthday
- say your birthday!! ( doesn't have to be in November)

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Completely late but mine is October 23
Happy Birthday (: , Mine wasnlast saturday. July 19
Mines November 20. 
Happy birthday
Mine is 17 aug
Happy BirthDay Party Girl hope you have an AWESOME DAY! Mines Dec.26
Happy bday.. Mine is June 17th
Hi have a great birthday. mine is november 5th. just turned 20
Happy birthday have a great day. Mines November 14
Happy birthday.. 27Th july for me!!
Woo hoo! Happy birthday my fellow Scorpio. Mine was the 1st of November. Pretty sure I got a few years on ya but have a great day!

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