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Motivation & Support / Summertime Fine Challenge! Are you ready????

My name is Melanie. I just had a baby in November and gained 50lbs. So far I know I lost 23. Looking in the mirror is starting to become more enjoyable but I MUST get that last of the baby fat flab OFF! It would also be a plus to drop even more. I'm doing everything to be focused. I wear one of those waist cinchers everyone is wearing....super helpful! I even wear one when I workout. I even post my workouts on Twitter so that I will feel obligated to workout. On instagram I research and then post daily tips. It's helpful for others but really it's my way of staying focused. Like I always say, MOTIVATE me and I'll motivate you!!! So let's all get together and motivate each other!! Summertime FINE -25lbs by 4th of July. LET'S DO IT!!!!! If you want to follow me on Twitter, instagram, or Facebook. Feel free to bc I need to know someone is watching me so I will feel motivated to be a better example lol. Just put a capital S under comments and I'll know it's the SKIMBLE GANG!!! Oh username bellybrainwaist Let's do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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yes, they are really amazing and they help to sweat a lot and hence resulting in more weight loss. you can have look at these best waist cinchers [url][/url]
I'm ready most definitely!
Weight ins EVERY Tuesday
I'm in . My birthday is July 2 nd I would love my body to look like Teana Taylor's
Yes! I'm so in.. that's my biggest problem lack of motivation, but we can do this!
Marie M we can do it. Let's just motivate each other.
I just started today but I'd like to give it a try!

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