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Challenges / 300 pushups everyday for 30 day

I did this awhile ago and it helped me so much in growth,fitness and stamina. So its simple do 300 pushups a day for 30 days. It doesnt need to be at once just as long as you have done 300 by the end of the day. So mark 30 days in your calender and lets all help each other. You will see great results and see how much easier you will find doing 300 pushups by the end of the 30 days. But make sure you have your weekends to rest. Im starting today and hope more will join me :). Never back down

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should i do it all at once or do sets like 15 sets of 20
is it means you need to do 200 per day or for a period?
Best topic ever!! Ready for those strength gainz. Already have 7 days in the bag :)
I also meant day 5 of my own plan of just doubling up my pushup count
I would like to try this however i can only do like 20 push ups so getting 300 in a day will be a struggle. I am on day 5. Ill give this one a shot since i wanted to double up anyways, with this ill probably do even better
Ohhh tank you lee!
I'm restarting this tomoz day one again
How much did you improve doing this for 30 days?
I don't know whether to be happy or annoyed. I'm the type to complete things, my gurlfriend stopped me at 204 push ups to **** me. Now I wanna know if I have to add 96 push ups to da next day or do I see our steamy 'session' as a substitute ???
Jheeze im in. Going to start this as soon as I wake up tomoz. Thanks for the great idea 
I tried it and i really can't do more than one so I'm going to try 100 on my knees for thirty days and maybe next month I'll be able to do the real thing.
I like the idea but I can barely do one so I'll try 30 a day and hopefully my elbows won't crumble off.
I did that last month, I can do 120 in a row now I started at 50, REMEMBER , IT DOESN'T MATTER ABOUT YOUR MAX BENCH
I like this challenge.. Imma try
But ill do 300 every other day for having done 9000 total in 45 days
Im starting today!
yeah, I hope can train up like yours.very nice...
Its so good to see how many poeple are taking up this challenge since i put it up. Well done everyone and hope it is still going well

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