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Motivation & Support / What motivates you?

The one thing I lack when working out is motivation. Il do very little or nothing because I'm not motivated enough. So what makes you motivated to work out and why? :)

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What motivates me is my family..looking at them not living healthy and gets ill bec. Of too much eating and not exercising..i started to workout to help them see and realize wat a big help working out can do to us..just be a good example to by just looking at my old big i am and i dont feel confident in every dress i wear motivates me alot..i am more confident with my self now.. :-) dnt worry we will be here for you to support and cheer you up..
Motivational songs lol
Need to be good , and looking for the best I think you need to set your goal and start with plan
Motivation: I wanna look good and feel good. ;). Doing exercise with other people is a good motivator as well. Get a workout body :)
Always remember why you started. never give up
Song...and fitness model quotes

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