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Like 17... I'm a tall scrawny guy, need to bulk but can't :(

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Agreed. All you can do is pick it up and continue on
Nope. Very, very bad times
Oh dear. That's no bueno. :\
Hopefully, less motivated to revise than I am to work out. That's quite bad as I haven't done exercise in a few days :/
You will do good :)
I've got mine coming up.... :'(
Ahh I understand. I just finished exams and I'm doing absolutely nothing productive with my life atm :)
I swim competitively and was training about 14hrs/8x a week but exams atm so I'm doing hardly anything :p
Haha just a tad bit. I love swimming. But I wouldn't go out of my way to do it everyday
Yh thanks, I've tried but it doesn't really have much of an effect. And I swim loads so I think its too much cardio....
Scrawny isn't always bad. Try eating more proteins and lifting weights instead of simple things like sit ups or push ups

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