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Weight Loss / How to loose fat???

I need to loose some fat but love eating food sooooo much :3 can someone suggest some healthy foods which are low in fats. I needs something to eat instead of chocolate and cake ! PLEASE HELP! !!

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A lean diet veggies and fruits
I'm lucky because I have a good constitution and without a lot of practice I have a nice body (see my pictures) but not everyone like me.if you got a problem you have to be persistent and persevering some people are not lucky like me.
Thank you both for your help :) I think im going to start planning what im going to eat and avoid all fatty foods. Thanks alot :)
That's what I've been eating I started about 20 days ago and already lost 6 pounds :)
Sam,your answer is good :)
I had a turkey wrap with tomato avocado fat free ricotta cheese greens and italian seasoning I didnt even wanna eat anything after. I think avocados have a little fat but its good for you :)
Have turkey or eggwhite sandwiches on pita bread pita bread is usually fat free egg whites are fat free and Turkey is very low in fat. Fat free yogurt is good to.
Hi,i am from Serbia,i saw your post and drcided to answer.First of all you should know that you must not skipping a single meal no matter,what you are trying to lose any weight,many people do not know that skipping meals especially fattening.It's not good if you fo not workout proper nitrition.p.s i am sorey for my English

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