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Motivation & Support / Lets get in shape

Looking for females and males seriously wanting to tone, gain muscle, or lose weight....lets motivate and help each other😄 whos interested

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Me too .I want to work on my abs.
Want to start a healthy active life but have no idea where to start
I still struggle with self control also, cant put the honey buns down....but having discipline is key and being consistent with working out and trying to eat right
Recently gotten out of shape would love some guidance in self control with food and workout tips with motivation.
Yes i will try my best to help you
I wan to have tight abs can u help me with that
Cool nicole, join in
I'm interested!!
Great, thanks!
Welcome sami....todays workout is Drop and give me 20
All is welcome come on and jump in
Well I need to get in shape fast not to fast but slowly because I am going to the air force
I'm in all the way!
I'm in! Been on here now two weeks could definitely use some motivation
I want to join!!!

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