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Motivation & Support / What to listen to while working out

What is your favorite kind of music to listen to while you wor out? I have a playlist but I'm getting tired of the same old songs, please comment down your favorite songs at the moment! 😄

These were my favorite for the longest time:
☆She Wolf - David Guetta
☆Love Don't Die - The Fray
☆Going Under - Evanescence
☆Wake Me Up - Avicii
☆Hey Brother - Avicii
☆... Can't think of any other right now 😒

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Merengue, fast salsa or reggaeton, uptempo ragga and rnb tunes.
Listen to electric music or bass. It tends to give you an adrenaline rush, more concentration and 30% more energy. Just use Pandora or Spotify and choose your favorite artists. Slow music doesn't do much to motivate or increase energy. Avoid songs with too much lyrics as it may have you lose concentration. My recommendations for adrenaline is: î„»Daft Punk. î„»The Glitch Mob î„»Avicii. î„»Skrillex. î„»David Guetta. î„»Deadmau5. î„»Bassnectar
"Work B*tch" Brittany is my #1 right now!! "Lost Your Mind" Beyonce always gets me pumped and "99 Problems" by JayZ will always make it on any workout playlist. If u like these i can send u my entire playlist b/c i always am on the lookout 4 good wkout songs.
Songs i like! Btw u may like "Alex Gaudino - Beautiful (ft. Mario) :)
I like a variety like progressive trance/hard house to hip hop depending on what I'm doing or feeling
Hip-hop/Rap mostly.
Stolen dance- milky chance, johnny -melanie fiona, rock that body - b.e.p, basically any upbeat song that i can keep the rhythm to
Tom Odell- Another love
Thank you very much for your help! Ill check Spotify out :))
I like listening to The Hives... It's an indie rock band I also recommend you to look for workout playlists on spotify, they are often very good and updated ;)
These are my favorite : Eminem - Till i Colapse, Beyoncé - Get me bodied, Mc Hammer - Can't touch this, Jay-Z - 99 problems, Georges Michael - Wake me Up, Iggy Azaela - Fancy
Thank you Larissa!
My favorites are will.i.am- fall down and Kanye west- amazing, not big fan of Kanye but this song gets me going.

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