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Women's Locker Room / Workouts for big boobs

Okay so, I have big boobs and I can't do some of the workouts because it hurts, I wear a sports bra and everything. It still really hurts... this is kinda awkward but I need help!

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I have the same issue, I've managed though. And yes you need a really good sports bra..... Good luck
Awesome boobs 
You should try to get a medicine ball to do squats and some dumbbell to chest press. And I have to agree with Lauren and Clo about getting sports bra so it can support you from doing your exercise.
Burpees are a b#@!% with big boobs, I used to avoid any jumping exercise and just do squats and dumbell press instead. I found a really good bra on Amazon called moving comfort that works REALLY well. Now I can do jumping jacks and jump rope, unfortunately I can now do Burpees as well.
hey! I have the same problem. I fucking hate jumping jacks. I just pick an exercise beforehand like squats or lunges and do that instead whenever the trainer says jumping jacks. you have to spend a lot of money on a good sports bra. sometimes I wear two. good luck!
You can tie them

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