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Sports Injuries & Prevention / Very swollen painful calves after 5k run.

I lost 125lbs and I'm extremely active and would consider myself quite athletic. My legs are insanely built and I often get complimented on them but after a run this morning my calves were in a great deal of pain. I'm not sure if I hurt myself or if I'm just building more muscles and they're just sore. Here's a picture.

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Girl your calves are BEAUTIFUL! I Hope they're feeling better
I had that problem and I started foam rolling and stretching really good before and after my runs I don't have that problem anymore.
If it's both your calves then I wouldn't worry too much, just foam roll, stretch and wait and they'll recover. If it's one that's stolen and sore then maybe it's an injury.
Hopefully you didnt pull anything, it could be a bad cramp which if thats the case make sure you stretch a lot and drink plenty of water. Its good to get potassium in you to avoid cramps so bananas are good.
If you have a foam roller, roll out your calf muscles on them. If you don't have a foam roller, look into getting one or something similar because they are great for helping with tight muscles.
If that's muscle....WOAH I would NOT wanna get kicked by you. :) But you can tell by the pain if its a sore/pulled muscle or if it's a swelling. Either way you need to rest that monster. And increased blood circulation will help the recovery time. So massage it

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