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Motivation & Support / Push yourself today!

Listen up guys and girls and those in between, no time to sit around and wait for things to happen get off your ass and start working hard! If you're not happy about your body then do something about it! I'm here to work hard and motivate the rest, hope everyone has a blessed day!

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Ok cool, thanks for the tips :)
If you go to work outs, you can go to the filter tab and pick what type of work out you wanna get started on:)
Mainly tone up arms and abs. And loose a little bit of weight. I did start the insanity workout but that was hardcore :)
Casual or moderate work outs are always a good place to start. All depends on what you wanna focus on. You thinking whole body or specifics?
I need to sort my body out and tone, just don't know where to start!!
Straight to the point, only way to do it.
Straight to the point! Well said :)

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