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Welcome Wagon / Been doing a lot of squats recently

I need some advice on what I can do to stop the aching in my legs ... After a leg workout my legs are like jelly... 😫😫

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I have jelly legs after a good leg day as well and usually I need at least 3 days to recover enough for the next leg day. But can only push so hard every other leg day. Being sore is good as long as it's not in your joints.
Yeh I'm going to have a rest day tomorrow as I'm working ... Still be rushing around because I'm always on my feet!
skip a day on legs do arms one day let legs recover then do legs again ne t day.
That's what I get the pains from squatting more than anything ... Maybe I'm doing them wrong? Or the pain just normal ?
Post-workout soak in a hot tub or bath usually works to relieve muscle soreness after squating, for me.
Totally on point about the water Ayeshah...!!!!
Then that's a good thing ;-) massage could help and just time for your body too adjust.
I'm guessing muscle as it's the back of my calfs and top of my thighs
It's it joint pain in your knees and ankles our muscle soreness?

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