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Motivation & Support / Motivation and Accountability Needed!

👯Thanks for reading!

I'm 5'4 and over 200 lbs. My goal is to lose 20 pounds by my birthday, December 14th. I know I can do it with a little motivation and common accountability. I've been counting my calories and tracking my steps. I recently had knee surgery so my mobility is limited and my exercise is also limited.

Please feel free to suggest any workouts that would be useful or just drop an encouraging word. If you've had success with a food regimen, please share!

I'm honestly just looking to be healthier one day at a time. I'm open to suggestions, new friends, workout motivators.... anything positive and inspiring really.

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Am trying out several including the one that came with the s5. I think all are a great help. My fitness pal has a bar code scanner that I'm liking (as of 4 days so far ). Otherwise I'm very happy with the fitbit tracker--bought a fitbit one and LOVE it. Using the Samsung provided Workout app for daily calisthenics and they are terrific overall, buticouldn'tgetittodomore than give workouts snd cslories burned. Lark comes with our phones and I can't get it to do any more than track walk times, but it surely provides encouragement. Tried Map my Walk, as we live out in the woods, so I could learn ACTUAL distances. I don't plan on keeping it on my phone after I plot walking distances around here. Good luck on your fitness journey.
Sharon! My apologies. I didn't even notice your encouraging advice above Grace's. I currently use the food tracker included with the Samsung S5 phone. I did really like My Fitness Pal. I just wanted to minimize my apps. Do you have a preference?
Correction. Should have typed *my fitness pal* not partner. Started using it recently because it has a Barcode scanner that helps in logging what I've eaten including the carb, fat, protein and fiber composition. There are other good programs out there that help you log your intake.
Suggest you look for program that helps you set calorie per day goal and guide you with nutrition advice. Eating too few calories will put you into fasting mode, which will slow your progress. This is according to My Fitness Partner and Fitbit.
Glad to be of help! Hope you reach your goal 
Thank you so much for the advice Gracie! I haven't tried that approach to eating and I definitely think it is worth a shot. I'll keep you updated on my progress. Thanks for your support!
Great job! Keep it up! A really good trick to losing weight from my experience is... Eating a good carb free breakfast, a small protein filled lunch, a fruit or veggie snack and only if hungry eat dinner... Dinner isn't an important meal, focus on eating more for breakfast than for dinner !! For weight lose, diet is more effective than exercise but of cause remember to always put in some time for a 40min walk or a few jumping jacks 

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