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Teen Zone / Mainly female?

I don't really even get why girls workout.

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O...k... I'm 5,1 too so I'll take that as motivation, up top!
I just had to add this .... I cuss I used to get into lots of bar fights I ended up working as a bouncer at a bar and I'm a very small girl but I can pick up a guy taller than me and heavier than me and carry him out of the bar. I'm 5'1 and I've picked up guys over 6 ft ... my brother is a foot taller than me and about a hundred pounds heavier and I picked him up off the floor yesterday. my boyfriend loves it.
Im sure you will
Thanks, I'm 13, and I want to make an impression next year in High School.
Btw Isaiah your pics are great, bodies looking Óź†
Thanks guys!!! Working out will not change who you are. Yes physically some people may change. But a girl will always be a girl not matter how much her body changes. And ot all strive for a muscly physique. Obviously everyone including you is allowed to have prefrences to who they are attracted too. So the fact that you would like your GF to be feminine/no muscle etc is absolutely fine.....
However, this may just be my own preference on a girl friend, so do please give me some feedback.
Lol Angus, congratulations Kimmy, I'm not saying that working out is wrong, it's shouldn't really try to change who you really are. You can change yourself, but don't swear and try to be a guy if your a girl I think. Now keep in mind that I don't mean to offend anybody. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but, I don't know, isn't it just natural that the male is stronger than the female, and the female is prettier looking than the male; or something like that? So basically, I'm just thinking that girls shouldn't workout TOO MUCH.
Wow never thought that i would get such a response
Oh yeahh..keep it up kimmy ..High five :)
Vishal you hit the nail on the head. 'Working out' is defo a personal choice. For many different reasons and we all take from it what we want. I know since i have started i have never respected myself/body soooo much. And if i gain some muscle along the way then fine id be happy with that and i wouldn't care what anyone thinks!!!
Thats sortove what I was trying to say, but it just unnatural in my opinion. Thanks by the way...
Isaiah..after reading your comments..i realised i must tell you that workout is a broad term..not everyone workout just to become 'muscular'..working out is a is a healthy lifestyle which involves taking care of one's body..and it doesn't matter whether that is done by a girl or a boy...people do not work on their body just to beat people and earn that 'fake' is about is about their is about looking in the mirror and feeling proud of your hard work..and realising your body is one thing that you own and you can work on it the way you want..working out not only improves your also develops a character by inculcating good habits,discipline,never give up attitude and much more..and increases one's confidence please stop saying that it is for girls or is for everyone.. people have the full right to work on their bodies the way they want..:):)..whether the person is a boy or a girl!! :).. and btw i saw your are working keep it up!! :)
I workout for respect, a girl would probably earn that respect for being nice to people and having a good heart, that goes for the boys too. Since when did girls start to cuss and mug people? I don't mean that girls should be defenseless, but...not like a boy, right?
Well, it doesn't really seem natural for them to be all muscular. I wouldn't really want a hulk for a wife. It just kindove seems awkward for a girl to be lifting more that a dude on steroids or something like that. But it's just my opinion...doesn't really matter.
I don't really even get why 'Isaiah' workout.

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