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Weight Loss / Ways to curb late night cravings?

I've never had a problem with eating healthy, it's the portions that get me >.< For the past couple weeks I've been controlling my portions pretty well, haven't really had a problem. Except at night, I get these uncontrollable urges to stuff my face... I try eating fruit to satisfy my stomach, but I almost always end up overdoing it, and consuming way too much. And then other times, I'll just give in and eat junk food :/ like last night, I ate a ton of homemade popcorn and m&m's :P Totally regretted it afterwards, but it was delicious lol. Any tips on how to control this issue of mine?

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Not having those things in the house help too. If it's something sweet you crave then try to have dark coco powder covered almonds on hand. I have a huge chocolate sweet tooth and they tend to do the trick. Do you allow for cheat meals in your diet? Sometimes having a meal once or twice a week where you allow yourself the things you no longer eat because they're bad for you will help keep you on course. The key of course is moderation with the meal. You can't go out and eat 3 double whoppers with cheese and bacon just because its your cheat meal. Good luck!
Dock tape is a good solution too :-)
If I'm craving in the evening, I drink herbal tea and it gets rid of the craving. Sometimes cravings are just your body saying it is dehydrated.
I agree with peter. Casein is your best bet. Just remember when you have cravings especially those at night. Your blood sugar level has most likely dropped. Simplest solution is a shake 2 hours after dinner.
Thanks Peter, I will look up those things
My suggestion for you would be to drink some casein at the time of your urge, casein is a slow digestive protein which we'll make you feel full and pretty much satisfied threw out the night also you can take some yohimbe which curbs your appetite as well as green tea extract. And last but not least if you don't like to take pills or drinking protein shakes try to incorporate slow digestive carbs like sweet potato or oats for your last meal they'll keep you feeling pleased for the rest of your night. We'll hope this helps

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