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Motivation & Support / Workout buddy

I want some person that I can workout. We can talk on internet about workouts and we can be friends. Do you want to be my workout buddy?

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Hey im 14 and im a guy, I'll help you on your workouts and how to get the most out of them so yeah I'll be your workout buddy if you want
umm do u use whatsapp or anyother social app ??
Ok, ok but idk how to do that
just to know each other and be friends ..and we can be workout partners too
can we chat privately ???
I have some wierd question, sooo... Are u m of f, i never heard name like yours
hey this is not wierd at all i like u
I'm 13 sooooo this is weird
Husnain, how old are u?
yes i want to be your friend

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