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Motivation & Support / Motivation Buddies!

I'm Jenn ,
Just looking for an accountability group, motivation, recipe Sharing, and of course, success sharing :)
Let's be encouraging and sexy, my friends!

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Workout trainer- buddy group is the FB page
I would love to join!
Workout trainer- buddy group, that's what I just made :) go look for it or comment your Facebook names and I'll go find you!
Facebook would be best
Should I get a Facebook group going or is there a way to do it here??
I would like to join but have no idea how I just joined to day.
I love your spirit, Jenn!
I'm not sure I'm totally new to this
How should we do this? Is there a way to make a group?
Yay! Do you just work out or are you on a quest to eat right as well?
Work the booty and worship the booty, love yourselves :)

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