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Motivation & Support / Snowy weather and running

Hi! I live in Michigan and don't have money or space for a treadmill. I'd like to run but all of the roads are covered in snow not to mention its freezing out. I don't mind the cold so much as the slipping I'm clumsy enough as is!! So I was wondering if any one has found a solution to my problem or knows of some good alternatives. Thank you! :D

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Start climbing and you 'll be able to stay fit tour entire life! ;)
I bet! Thanks :)
Yeah, get a speed rope and a good choice of music and it's great fun!
Yeah I was thinking about that for an alternative at least for the winter months.
Yeah I've had that problem as well! I do a lot of running. One thing I have invested and now do even more of maybe, is skipping. Helps improve your cardio massively as well, and it isn't as bad on the joints as constant pavement pounding!
Thanks for responding :) That sounds like a good idea! I will have to try it out. Part of the problem is that I live in the country and vehicles are usually driving on the edge of the snow covered road. Sometimes I wish I lived in the city for the sidewalks/ close by gyms. But I enjoy the peace and quiet of the country to much to leave.
Hey! I've had this issue before as well. May sound weird but what I do is put a pile of grit or salt on the round and grind my shoes into it while I have them on, works for a while at least. Also if you slow down your pace and don't make any sharp turns then you should be fine :)

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