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Hello, this week im not in the mood to workout or to stay on diet. But im doing easy excersizes, cause its better than nothing! Also, if you want to motivate me or just to chat, text me!

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Here is my number if you want some motivation 7739648434.
If you working out a bit she also always try to eat healthy whenever you miss a big workout. Like Amber said tell whoever is focusing you to eat a lot that I'm changing my eating portion.
Mayne explain to them what you are trying to do (:
Thats what im doing, but as i said, they are forcing me to eat lots:D so im eating everything now, so i hope i wont gain everything that i lost already:D
Never keep yourself from eating, that's just starving yourself. Try smaller portions instead and avoid anything bad for you.
Well, Im trying hard, but at the moment im staying at my grandparents place... So they dont undertand if i dont eatxD and they r forcing me to do that. So its really hard!
Be stronger than your excuses.

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