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Motivation & Support / 500 pushup day, post them in comments as you do them!

I think you're slacking 😝where's the rest of them pushups at mister???

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Good riddance, what a poser
She's gone...I wonder why? (⊙o⊙)
It worked lol, I flagged one of her comments as inappropriate lol
I blocked her but that didn't seem to do any good either
I need to do that haha
I just noticed the "options" in each post...I think I'm going to go see if it works on Melinda posts lol (flag as spam)
When the little box comes up like this, you can't use emojis haha when I posted the other way, you can use them. It's dumb, I know. I'm annoyed by it
Hey, is that a emoticon in your post? WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?
Keep trying me Amber! Lol!
Yeah yeah :P we shall see!
I dunno what I'm going to do about you, but I'm gonna figure out something! ;-)
Oh shutup :P whatchu gonna do huh
Less talking more pushing mister!
You better be nice! I'm older than you!
Do to! You lieeee
Sounds like something a slacker would say :D
Hadi, she doesn't need any help ya know lol!
Hey, I just got back, I'll get them in smarty pants
He says 158 left (:
With Amber!! I would have done at least 2 by now.

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