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Workouts and Programs / Yay!

I bought a set of weights today to celebrate reaching my first goal (whoop whoop!) and it made my fiance finally express interest in starting working out too. He doesn't want to use any apps so he asked me to put together a program for him. I'm really nervous but giving it my best! It would be sooo great if he became genuinely interested in working out and clean eating! So happy now!

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Thank you, Brittany!
Congratulations on your goals! Very happy for you!! It feels wonderful, a much better treat for yourself than any food haha. Keep up the good work, Anna! :D
Today is leg day *evil laughter*
YAAAYYY great Anna:) wishing you both lots of fun:))
Wow Mihaela, I didn't even think of it like that. But you're right. It's a huge compliment.
That's great, your his inspiration!!
Congrats Anna! And I think this is the most awesome compliment your fiance could have made!! You're doing so good he got inspired and has you as an example of hard work and well deserved results ^^ This is great news, have fun you two :)
Woooohoooo!!! I'm so happy for you as it will make it something important and fun that you can both share too. You'll do wonderfully Anna. I already know. :)
Congratulation Anna ! (:
Thank you, wonderful Skimble friends!
This is good news Anna. Am happy for you girl.
Congrats to you!
Now that's what I call "making gains!"
That's great!! (:

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